The Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry (IGIC) is one of the principal chemical institutions of the Bulgarian Аcademy of Sciences. The activities of IGIC cover several research areas in inorganic materials science: synthesis of single crystals, powdered, thin-layer and composite materials; studies of their composition, structure, surface and bulk properties; design of materials with preset electrical, magnetic, optical, semiconductor, superconductor, ferroelectric, adsorption, catalytic, biological, mechanical, etc. properties. 

During the last years IGIC developed as one of the leading national scientific institutions in the field of preparation and characterization of advanced inorganic materials for environmental protection, energy storage and optoelectronics as well as of utilization of natural chemical resources. In 2005 the European Commission recognized IGIC as а Centre of Competence on Multifunctional Materials and New Processes with Environmental Impact (MISSION). Within the framework of PHARE, a Centre of Transfer of Environmentally Oriented Technologies and Innovations in the field of inorganic chemistry (TRANSMISSION) was established at IGIC in 2007. At the end of 2008 IGIC was funded by the National Science Fund of Bulgaria as a lead contractor to organize, together with three other research institutions, a National Centre of Excellence for New Materials (UNION).

The educational activities of IGIC include training of PhD students and postdocs in several scientific fields: inorganic chemistry, solid state chemistry, chemical kinetics and catalysis, analytical chemistry and theoretical chemistry.



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